Questions frequently asked by cutomers.

Q:  How do I measure for a replacement window?

You will need to determine the OPENING size of the window hole, not including the mounting flange/frame. Measure the height and the width of the window opening or hole.

 Q: How do I measure for a replacement door?

1. Is it a Left or Right Hand Door that you need?

  • As you look at your door from the outside, determine whether the hinge is on the left or the right side. If it is on the left, this is a LEFT HAND door. If the hinge is on the right, it is a RIGHT HAND door.

2. If you are buying a Storm Door, or a Combo Door, INCLUDING a Storm Door

  • Measure the storm door only, from the outside; then ADD 2 inches to the width, and ADD 1 inch to the height. IMPORTANT: If purchasing storm door only, consult your salesman to determine whether the storm door is compatible with your existing door and frame.

3. If you are buying a Single Entry out-swinging Door (without the Storm Door)

  • Measure ONLY the door (not the mounting frame/flange), from the OUTSIDE.

Q:  How do I measure for a new skirting?

 Measuring Formula


If your home size is not listed in the chart below, or if you just need enough skirting to finish a deck, provided below is a simple formula to calculate panels for any linear foot or average height. First, measure your linear foot or length. Then multiply by 12 to calculate total linear inches. Next, measure your height at several different points along the area to be skirted. Then, add all your measurements together and divide by the number of measurements taken. This gives you a good average height. The panels are 144” long, so take 144”and divide it by your average height. Round the figure down to the next whole number. This tells you how many cuts, individual or useable panels you’ll get out of each 144” piece. Next, take that whole number and multiply by 16 (the panels are 16” wide). This tells you how many linear inches each 144” panel will cover. Then, take that figure and divide it into your total linear inches. Finally, round up to the next whole number. This is the total number of 144” panels needed for your job.

Skirting Measurement Chart
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Customer Reviews

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I have known the folks at Arco for more than 40 years.  They always do what they say they will do.  I never hesitate to recommend them to my community residents. Great people to have in our industry.

- Gloria K.

Community Manager

I am happy to praise everyone I've ever dealt with at Arco.  I have always been treated with respect and understanding on my heating and air conditioning problems and in a timely manner.  With your plan, where I can sign up for a twice yearly check on my system, one for heating and one for my air conditioner, possible problems can be caught before they actually become problems.  This plan is a real plus.  It isn't expensive and it can catch problems before they leave me without a working system, whatever time of year it is.  Keep up the good work, ARCO!

- Bobbie L.


Tim and Tyler work with you to find the right part.  Always great help.  Keep a good amount of stock in their warehouse and will let you know about new products that come along.

- Rod A.

Mobile Home Service Contractor

I have been a customer of Arco for six years and am very satisfied with their service.  Lee is very helpful and great to work with.  If you own a manufactured home, I suggest you contact them for any of your needs.

- Patricia S.


Tim and Tyler are a great couple of guys and they always hook me up with the parts and equipment I need.

- Mike D.

Owner, Mobile Home Service

Arco has been taking care of the heating and air conditioning needs of our office and mobile homes in Eldorado Estates.  In the ten years plus that we have done business with this firm, Arco has been reliable; the service technicians are well qualified.  The office personnel, in particular Lee, have superior customer service skills and are always a pleasure to work with.  I have recommended Arco to the residents of our community without hesitation for their HVAC needs and have never received a complaint about the work.  Arco continues to deliver great service at affordable prices.

- Connie W.

Community Manager

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