Roof Repair Materials, Caulks, Pipe Cements, & Spray Adhesive

Peel & Seal


A fast application, multi-purpose roofing, and waterproofing sheet


Sticks to most surfaces

White surface reflects heat and reduces energy costs

Low cost/labor saving/easy to install

Tough and durable, puncture and abrasion resistant

Stretches to allow for building movement

Requires no coating for exposure to sunlight

For roofing, waterproofing, patching and repair

Eternabond Roofseal


For all rubber roofs, including epdm, tpo, pvc, and hypalon. One step permanant repair or ridge cap. Double sided, can be used for skirting back rail installation where screws cannot be used.

Silicone Caulk
Steel Roller
Roof Brush
Mesh Tape
Loctite Duro Spray Adhesive
Acrylic Caulk
Tub N' Tile
Plumber's Putty
Stain Kill
Liquid Nails
Caulking Gun
Sta'-Put Spray Adhesive
Teflon Thread Sealant
Pipe Joint Compound
All Purpose Cement
PVC Cement
CPVC Cement
ABS Cement
ABS/PVC Transition Cement
Leak Detector
Bath/Tub Repair
Foam Spray
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