Kitchen & Bath Sinks, Plumbing Vent Caps, Toilets, Drains, & Accessories

Food Waste Disposer


Removable spash guard

Corrosion-proof mounting ring

2-year warranty

Heavy gauge steel cutting components

Stainless steel anti-jam swivel impellers

Energy efficient motor

Disposer Kit


1 each 6" flanged tailpiece, 14" flanged tailpiece, wall p-trap, outlet tee, rubber boot, weld adapter 1 1/2" x 1 1/4" reducing washer and 5-each 1 1/2" washers. 



Savex 1.6 gallon ultra-low flush water conserving toilets

Furnished with non-corroding anti-siphon ballcock

Quiet, efficient siphonic flushing action

Standard floor mount and outlet

Meets or exceeds ANSI Standards

*ADA Approved Handicap Toilet also available

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
Acrylic Kitchen Sink
Oval Plastic Lavatory Sink
Oval/Square Plastic Lavatory Sink
Steel Lavatory Sink
Lavatory Drain Plugs
P.O. Plug Wrench
Dishwasher/Disposer Boot
Dishwasher Hose
Continuous Waste
Roof Air Vent
5" Cap and Flange
2" Galvanized Cap
Wax Ring w/Horn
2" Plumbing Cap
Toilet Seat
Toilet Flapper
Toilet Lever Assy.
Tank to Bowl Gasket and Bolt Kit
Male Closet Flange
Closet Bolts and Screws
Toilet Ballcock
Female Closet Flange
Flush Valve
FluidMaster 400A
New Air Admittance Code Vent Check
Slip Nuts
Slip Washers
Tub Drain Adapter
1 1/2" Rubber Basket
Dishwasher Air Gap
Sink/Tub Strainer
Male Trap Adapter
ABS P-Trap Adapter with Union
Shower Strainer
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