Anchors, Foundation Systems, Tie Down & Set-Up Materials


All Steel Foundation System


Eliminates frame anchors

Just two systems on most homes

Eliminates two blocking piers

Easiest to install

Systems available for dirt or concrete sets

Vertical pier load tested in excess of 11,000 lbs.

Longitudinal Arm Chart

Screw-In Earth Anchor


Double and single disc screw-in earth anchors. Check your state anchor approval for proper anchor selection for soil classification.

Cross Drive Anchors with 2-36" Steel Rods


For use in solid rock conditions.

Quick Cap


Slides on to above earth anchors. Use in place of stabilizing plate.

Frame Straps


Pre-made for fast and easy installation with 1 1/4" Galvanized Strap

Anchor Stabilizing Plate


Prevents anchor head from becoming loose.  Drives in soil on frame side of anchor.

Anchor Split Bolt


Slotted bolt and nut for tensioning strap to anchor.

Specialty Frame Straps

Swivel Clamp


No need to wrap or protect the frame strap. Simply clamp to the frame, tighten nut and run to the anchor strap bolt.

Longitudinal Quick Connect


To connect longitudinal strap to frames with welded-on clips or can be bolted on using longitudinal frame tie kit.

Anchor Strap
Patio Slab Anchor
Shed Anchoring Kit
U-Head Sleeve
Eye Anchor Swivel Adapter
Frame Clamp
Threaded Patio Slab Anchor
Anchor Machine
Ground Cover Vapor Barrier
Marriage Joint Adjustment Bracket
Galvanized Roof Flashing

Plastic Pier Pad


Lightweight, easy to install, stronger than concrete, eliminates breakage, lifetime guarantee.

Digital Leveling System


The system can be used to level the frame of mobile homes or it can be used inside the mobile home from side to side or room to room, as well as on an empty lot to tell how high one end of a mobile home will be compared to the other end. Also worked well on footers foundations, sub-grades, concrete pads, porches, decks, and other general construction. It is easy, accurate and totally sealed. It reads in inches and tenths and typically will level to 1/5" over enter radius.  Comes with 100 ft. tubing. The fluid is safe to sub-zero temperatures. Has retractable reel for easy storage and handling.



Close-Off Plastic Tape and Zipper Hatch


Designates our fastest movers. Eq. represents a new manufacturing method that creates a thinner, lighter, weight plastic (3.25 mil) equal in strength to a normal (5 mil) plastic.


Ridge Runner


Reusable Ridge Cap

Provides the newest and best alternative for retail lot set. Made from high density woven polyethylene, which provides rugged durability. Lightweight material rovides easy one man installation using wood screws. Available in 40', 50', 60', and 70' rolls. It is the solution for temporary home protection.



Adjustable Outrigger


Eliminates all perimeter blocking.




Eliminates sags, dips, and weak spots.




Eliminates floor squeaks.


Marriage Line Seal


Used by most manufacturers provides a continuous seal with flexible insulating foam.

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