Dishwashers & Washer & Dryer Accessories

Hotpoint Built-In Dishwasher


120 Degree Inlet Water Capacity

2-Level Washing Action

Built-In Soft Food Disposer

Polypropylene Tub and Door Liner

Reversible Door and Access

Panel Inserts

Built-In Dishwasher with Potscrubber


5 Cycles, 22 Options, 3-Level Wash Action, Built-In Soft Food Dispenser

Built-In Dishwasher With Potscrubber


New Power Wash II System

5 Cycles, 22 Options, Hi-Temp Wash On/Off Option, Deluxe Upper & SilverwareRack, Rinse Aid Dispenser, 3-Level Wash

Plumbing Outlet Box
Plumbing Outlet Box Valve
Dryer Venting Accessories
Range and Dryer Receptacles
Range Cord
Dryer Cord
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